Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies

This cookie policy is related to the websites, and, managed by Albergo Posta Ristorante – S.A.S. – Eredi Vanini S. E M. di Taroni Laura and Armando & C. | VAT number 01561510130 based in Piazza San Rocco 5, 22010 Moltrasio, Como (Italy).
Cookies are small text files sent to the user by the visited website. They are stored on the computer’s hard disk, allowing the website to recognize users and store information about them, in order to allow or improve the service offered.
There are different types of cookies. Some are necessary to browse the site, others have different purposes such as internal security, system administration, statistical analysis, understand which sections of the site most affect users or offer a personalized visit.
Our website uses technical and profiling cookies. What we wrote before refers to user’s computer or any other device that the user can use to connect to the website.
Specifically, our cookies allow:
  • memorize the entered preferences
  • avoid re-entering the same information several times during the visit such as user name and password
  • analyze the services’ use and the content provided by the website, to optimize the browsing experience and the offered services.
  • guarantee security during data entry into forms, using anti-bot scripts
  • This policy may be modified at any time, updating information and content according to the current legislative references. Any change in this policy will take effect from the date of publication on the website.

1.1 How you accept cookies

You accept to the cookies’s use by closing the information banner shown on the first website’s visit, scrolling through the page or clicking on any of its elements.

1.2 How you can change your cookie preferences

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but user can normally change the settings to disable this function.
You can block all types of cookies, or accept to receive only some and disable others.
To do so, you must visit the “options” or “preferences” section in the browser menu to avoid receiving cookies and other user tracking technologies.
You can also read the “help” section in most browsers’ toolbar or select the instructions from the list below and follow the instructions:
From mobile device:
For all information about cookies and to manage cookie preferences (first and / or third party) I invite you to also read the information on the site


2. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those used only to transmit a communication over an electronic communications network, or if strictly necessary for the service provider, of an information explicitly requested by the subscriber or by the user to provide such service.
They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner or by the webmaster.
They can be divided into navigation or session cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access to restricted areas).
Technical cookies provided by our site are session cookies and we use them to manage the login and access to the website reserved functions. Their deactivation compromises the use of all the services that are accessible by login.


3. First-party profiling cookies

Our site doesn’t use first-party profiling cookies.


4. Third-party profiling cookies

Third-party cookies are set by a different domain than the one visited by the user. If you visit a site and a different company sends / receives information using that site, you have third-party cookies.
This site uses Google Analytics third-party performance cookies to allow us to collect data anonymously, examining visitor behavior during the website use. This improve its usability and the user experience. These data (that are collected thanks to your unique IP address) can be for example: the number of the website visitors or of a specific post, the location, the genre, the technology they use to connect. We can understand also if the visits were made from new or returning visitors, or the browsing mode (input link, exit link, page transfers, residence times, etc.).
You have to know that Google may transfer this information to third parties if required by law or if the sites are owned by it.
For more information about Google Analytics and privacy management you can consult these links:
Privacy statement and use of Google Analytics personal data
How Google uses the information provided by apps or sites that use its services
It is possible to disable Google Analytics on all the sites in which you browse, thus avoiding being traced even anonymously through an add-on pluging provided by Google itself that you can download here.
Social widget cookies
We also use third-party cookies like those of the share buttons for social networks that you find for example under each post. You can read on the following pages the privacy policy for each social network: TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInPinterestInstagram,
Gravatar (service that allows you to customize and standardize your avatar in the comments of different websites)
The deactivation of third-party cookies does not compromise the use of the website, except in the sections where widgets can be installed (for example for video or map integration) and in some cases you lose the possibility of  contents quick sharing or commenting some site’s areas.
Advertising cookies
Advertising cookies are installed to show visitors content related to their preferences both on the site and on external platforms. They can therefore be used to show advertising content targeted to the persons’ interests. Cookies of this kind work in collaboration with third-party sites and can keep track of past navigation on pages that are on different domains.
This activity is authorized on any website that requires the cookie’s: I remind you that the actions you take while browsing are always anonymous and never referable to your personal data.
On our site we use Facebook Pixels tools for collecting statistical data that allow us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising, understanding the actions that people perform on our website. At this link you can find more information.
Albergo Posta Ristorante – S.A.S. – Eredi Vanini S. E M. di Taroni Laura and Armando & C. are the data controllers, for any further information on how we manage and protect your data, we invite you to read the privacy statement for the use of data.