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1. Blog Policy

The blog is a free online service.
Its use is made under the terms and conditions set out below. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you are advised not to use the blog and not to download any material from it.
Contents is a blog directly edited by Albergo Posta Ristorante – S.A.S. It is not a newspaper, but an amateur web space according to the law n. 62 of 07.03.2001. The information contained in this blog, (provided in good faith and accurate), may contain inaccuracies or  typographical errors. S.A.S. – Eredi Vanini S. E M. di Taroni Laura and Armando & C. as data owners reserves the right to modify, update or delete the contents of the blog without notice.
      • Albergo Posta Ristorante – S.A.S furthermore is not responsible for what published by the readers into post’s comments.
      • The blog bans all comments with vulgar, offensive, violent language that could damage the image or good reputation of third parties, also spam, racist comment or what can contain personal data not compliant with the respect of the privacy. In any case, will be delayed everything not in order according to the author: the comments are therefore moderate.
      • The photos and images included in this blog are respecting the Creative Commons search or can be granted to the blog by those who hold the rights to divulgate them. Some texts or images may have been taken from the internet and, where it was not possible to define source and / or author, considered to be of public domain. If their publication infringes any copyrights, please send an email to They will be immediately removed.
Albergo Posta Ristorante – S.A.S is not responsible for linked sites or their content that may change over time.
License to use
All texts are protected under a Creative Commons license Attribution – Noncommercial – No derivative works 3.0 Unported. This means that you can not republish the  blog’s content and you can not use it to create a derivative work, that is: you can not republish entire articles.

In case you are interested in our contents, contact us via amail at and specify your request.


2. Cookie policy 

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When we publish posts that we think are interesting, or when we want to give you some special promotions, we send you a newsletter. There is no defined periodicity because we don’t want to be intrusive, but to communicate with you only when it is necessary. If you decide to subscribe to the newsletter then we can send you:
      • links to posts that we have published into the blog, reports, various kinds of contents, but always related to the theme of Lake
      • Como’s tourism on and to our Hotel Posta Moltrasio.
      • Special promotions reserved for members.
To subscribe to the newsletter, you can use the form you find on the home page or in the sidebar of the blog.
To manage the newsletter we use the Mailchimp platform, your email address is then stored on Mailchimp servers that can be placed outside the European Union and, periodically, also in list archive files / backup in which you are inserted in and that we save on our computers.
This is the privacy policy of Mailchimp and this instead is the Customer EU Data Processing Addendum or the addendum on data processing that we have directly signed with Mailchimp.
When you sign up or unsubscribe from the newsletter, we receive an email / notification to our email address, which is managed by the supplier Artera Srl, a brand distributed by DHH Italia Srl whose servers are located in Italy.
Through Mailchimp, we can analyze the progress of the newsletters to understand for example what are the most interesting and most read content, who are the most interested contacts to the contents we propose, which links have been clicked.
Who is the data controller?
The data controller is S.A.S. – Eredi Vanini S. E M. di Taroni Laura and Armando & C. and its company references with the related contacts, that are shown in the footer that is at the bottom of the website and on each page: we have never sold and will not give your email address, or your personal data to anyone for any reason.
Unsubscription from the newsletter
 You can exercise your rights and unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of each communication: Mailchimp, to protect you, will keep track of your decision as an ‘ex-member’. In fact, I will not be able to re-enter your address, forcing it to register. If you prefer to completely delete your data, even from the historical archive, you have to write directly to and we will proceed with it.

We use the list of subscribed people also to create a personalized audience to show advertisements through Facebook. The same thing happens to those who simply surf the site and is tracked thanks to a code called Facebook Pixel. For this, see point No. 6.


4. Contact form and comments to posts

When you contact us by filling out the form, or leaving a comment to a post, we will receive your data and your request on our email The email archive, together with the site, is hosted on the servers of Artera Srl, a brand distributed by DHH Italia Srl, whose servers are located in Italy.


5. Navigation on the site

Our site uses Google Analytics third-party performance cookies (service offered by Google) to allow us to collect data anonymously, examine visitor behavior during use and to improve its usability and user experience. These data that are collected thanks to your unique IP address, can be for example: the number of visitors to the site or a specific post, the location, the genre, the technology they use to connect. We can also understand if the visits were made from new or returning visitors or check the browsing mode of the pages (input link, exit link, page transfers, residence times, etc.).
You have to know that Google may transfer this information to third parties if required by law or if the sites are owned by it.
For more information about Google Analytics and privacy management you can consult these links:
Privacy statement and use of Google Analytics personal data
How Google uses the information provided by apps or sites that use its services

It is possible to disable Google Analytics on all the sites in which you browse, thus avoiding being traced even anonymously through an add-on pluging provided by Google itself that you can download here.


6. Advertising, Retargeting and Facebook Pixel

On our site we use Facebook Pixels tools for collecting statistical data that allow us to measure the effectiveness of advertising by understanding the actions that people perform on our website. At this link you can find more information.
Pixels are also used to make retargeting, that is, to show you advertising in line with your interests.

This activity is authorized on any site that requires the use of cookies: we remind you that the actions you take while browsing are always anonymous and never traceable to your personal data. For more information on how cookies work, read here


7. About privacy and surroundings, we would like to clarify that …

Under no circumstances you will find yourself subscribed to a newsletter or receive communications if you have not requested them.

The Albergo Posta Ristorante – S.A.S and all the staff have care about the privacy of their guests.
For any information you can always refer to the data controller: S.A.S. – Eredi Vanini S. E M. di Taroni Laura and Armando & C.